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B&W ellescriv by Nolan Guichon (Portrait




The First single is here!

Lorissa Scriven’s distinctive brand of earthy folk has its roots deep in the river valleys of northern British Columbia, where she grew steeped in music and wild places. Among the spruce and aspen of her hometown, Taylor BC, this Saulteau Nations woman found songs spontaneously happening inside her as naturally as a river flowing.

With a fresh name, Ellescriv releases her new album May 31st. Wandering the Pine pays homage to the wild places where she dreams–a stand of pines behind her house, and the Pine River, which threads her hometown to the hometown of her sweetheart, and musical partner, Matt Stanyer. Parts of the album were recorded in collaboration with Matt at her cabin in Taylor, and others with producer Jane Aurora on Bowen Island and downtown Vancouver. 

The songs piece together a period of her life where she pined for love, and the album is a soulful dedication to lost and found love of all kinds. The sound is alt folk with hints of country and a slight indie rock edge. Ellescriv’s signature ethereal lyricism weaves rich stories of longing buoyed by moments of quiet tenderness; cool and sweet, it’s like a walk barefoot in the pines. 

Her sound is reflective of artists like Bonnie Payne, Serena Ryder, and Feist, and her influences include Gillian Welch, Allison Krauss, Emmylou Harris; William Prince, and Frazy Ford. She released her first album, Be the Change–imbued with her wild soul and inspired by nature–with producer and friend Josh Rob Gwilliam in 2010. She has toured extensively, with highlights including BC festivals like Peace Valley Folk Fest, Edge of the World (Haida Gwaii), and 2 Rivers Remix–a Feast of Indigenous Culture. 

One of her greatest artistic joys is creating unique musical experiences like the release party for January Moon, the hauntingly beautiful album crafted with Zach Schryer-Lefebvre as one half of duo Wildwood Soul, a magical woodland concert, fairy-lit and tucked away in a secret corner of the Peace Valley.

Ellescriv’s life is imbued with creative magic; she chooses to be inspired every day, whether by a fleeting moment of light, or a wayward feather found in the woods. She’s working hard at breathing life into her dreams, and making some potent music along the way. 

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