What are we doing? 

Remember when I used to write blogs....  I didn’t until a few minutes ago. It’s weird how rapidly we evolve sometimes without notice..... I just read the post I did when I was driving out to Ontario for the first time, pretty funny, pretty young and bubble wrapped, pretty.... fearless! I thought about how I was 21 at the time, I’m 28 now no wonder I hardly recognize the girl from the blog that’s like comparing age 1 and age 8, 11 and 18. Yeah, major growth spurts. Okay I don’t feel as weird now. I’m sure…

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Hello out there. Is anybody there... It's me Squirrel Tooth! 

So. Hi.
It's been a lengthy amount of time since my last post and I feel slightly awkward about that....... I feel like we have all this distance between us and thats just not right! So here's hoping I can save our relationship.

So, last year at this time I was just about to embark on this cross Canada adventure, life was so exciting, everything was so new, so different! I was slightly afraid of driving away from everything I ever knew all by myself, but the underlying fear was what made it so exciting I…Read more

The Love. 

Hiiiiii Guys!  Wow I am just buzzing with excitement right now! No really. (It's not an insect pun! ha.) I feel I've come a very long way in just one weeks time! A week ago today I was moping around the Soo feeling mighty worthless.... faceless..... friendless. Well, That all changed when I decided to go a sing songing! Yes a week ago today my perspective shifted. I've played four times in the Soo this past week. (Thanks to my new "Booking Agent" Ali) and let me tell you..... You folks have been amazing!!!…Read more

Be The Change Revamped! 

For the longest time I wasn't  "Thrilled" about the looks of my album cover.
So what do you do when something is not working.....
Accept it as it is or change it.....
So I bee'd the change man! I'm so excited I love the birds :)
what do you think??

Little green hobo heads east. 

Warning: Inconsistant grammer, spelling and point of view can and will commence......


October 1,
Last taste of home for awhile:
well scramble scramble I am trying my best to get my things packed up and set off on my big adventure. Only, I'm struggling, big time. By noon still, all I have packed is my snowboard and a pair of moccasins. This is much too exhausting, I think instead I will go to town and say more see ya laters (they feel alot like goodbyes) I went for lunch with Dad. I can see the worry in… Read more

Happy Fall 

Hello Everybody!
Welcome to my new and improved site! I've been working on how it looks. Now up next.... get some kick ass content happening! Right now it's pretty boring but hey at least you can stream tunes now :) Hope you are all wellI and oooh Happy fall! enjoy this time of year, take it all in before our quick descent into full fledged WINTER. Already?? You've got to be kidding me!  I thought it just left. oh well. Got to love living somewhere with seasons. It makes us more adaptable, and hey who…Read more


One year ago today I launched my very first album "Be the change" with the help of some very awesome fellas and a wealth of others, I am very grateful for :) Yes one year ago today, I closed the doors on an era, and opened bigger much shiny-er doors to a brand new one, one where only happiness lives. Sitting here thinking about it now, I can't recall a day my smile was brighter. thank you.

Calgary, Day 4 (Ouch Fingiesss!) 

eeewahhhhhhhhhhhh. im so tired! tired tired tired. tired voice tired fingers! twas a long day today for this songbird. I had a really difficult time waking up, i headed over to the other side of the city around 9 30am. we recorded guitar and vocal foundation tracks today. everything went really well.... i didnt get home until nearly 11 tonight. i was quite shocked that i had no problems playing to a click... and making changes in my songs became fun instead of painful. all in all it was a good day... we…Read more